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British Pattern 1908 Cavalry Trooper Sword, Wilkinson, WYC
1908 Cavalry Sword

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Product Code: 1908WORCS

Iconic Sword with quite a history. Wilkinson Sword Company.
When the sword came to me it was rusted solid all over and stuck in the scabbard, I didn't even know if it had a blade, or if an unscrupulous dealer had cemented it stuck.
We got it out of the scabbard eventually, and as my repair man began to grind the rust off the scabbard, unbeknownst to him his workshop was filling up with a brownish cloud... Fortunately he was only working on it for 10 minutes before going home for the evening... During the night he started coughing up blood and his eyeballs blistered... The short version is that the rust had absorbed mustard or chlorine gas that had absorbed into whatever mud the sword had been sat in... Repair man was off work for six weeks, fortunately I didn't get sued...
The sword has subsequently been stripped and vapour blasted and is now safe. And fortuitously we found a unit marking, to the Worcestershire Yeomanry. - My grandfather was their Colonel, so an added bonus there!
Scabbard has loads of markings. Maker mark on outer bowl and blade.
Some research to be done here... Who were the Yeomanry serving with and were they in a gas attack?


"Worcestershire Hussars swords were all bought privately as a lot by the Earl of Dudley in 1915. He presented them to his men as they embarked for Egypt (along with a nice riding whip that examples of sometimes turn up).

Interesting that you had a relative with them, my wife is related to their Lt. Brian Hatton who was a very promising painter but was killed on St George's Day 1916 along with a very large number of Worcester and Gloucestershire yeomanry officers and men, defending the Suez Canal against an unexpected Turkish attack ("Quatia"). The Australian Light Horse counter-attacked and defeated the Turks at Romani, and from then on all the mounted troops joined up for what became Allenby's successful Palestine campaign and the capture of Jerusalem. As far as I know, no exposure to gas, but your sword tells a different story!