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British Pattern 1908 Cavalry Trooper Sword, Enfield, blade dated 1906!
British Pattern 1908 Cavalry Trooper Sword

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Splendidly functional and iconic sword. This one has real charisma.
Lots of nice WD stamps and a hugely surprising date on the blade, 1906!
All firm, tight and very solid. Grip looks and feels wonderful.
The scabbard and bowl guard have been wet at some point, but this has been professionally sorted. Original leather washer is great. Some info:

The Sword, Cavalry, Pattern 1908, Mark I*, as it was officially called, is universally recognised as the finest sword ever produced for British and Commonwealth mounted troops. As Brian Robson in his excellent reference work ‘Swords of the British Army’ writes: ‘Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, it is gratifying to note that the United States Cavalry Sword Model 1913 – which was perfected by General George S. Patton as a junior officer – was very similar in form to the British Pattern 1908”.
"The Pattern 1908 also holds the distinction of being the last pattern of sword to be adopted by the British Army. The weapon was designed for function not form and caused uproar in certain quarters as a consequence of its utilitarian and practical appearance. The grip, designed by Colonel Fox with its rounded rectangular section chequered grip and semi – pistol configuration was made from a rubberized plastic substance called Dermatine and was revolutionary in that when it was held it automatically brought the sword into the ‘thrust’ position. This was important as the Pattern 1908 had very limited cutting effect and was optimized for thrusting in line with the common wisdom of the time, which stated that ‘the point will always beat the edge".

This one has been blacked though definitely not with paint (boot black?). Olive drab paint visible under the black.
Very clean blade, good patina, no pitting, nicks or chips.
Still 100% functional and lethal. Totally utilitarian. Very very rare blade, being made in 1906. Prototype.