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Wilkinson Type D Survival Knife
Wilkinson Type D Survival Knife, 1950s-60

Lovely Wilkinson Type D. Razor sharp. No pitting, just some nice peppering. All stamps present and correct. 1B for Army and RAF small tools. WD stamp. Wilkinson maker mark.
Scabbard perfect. Great example.
A great knife for current utility - I have heard of these being used as wedges for splitting wood - or as a valued collector's item.
3rd Pattern Wilkinson FS Commando Knife, George 6th
3rd Pattern Wilkinson FS Commando Knife, George 6th

Lovely knife in great condition. High polish, correct length. Black ribbed grip. Superior etching to the late George 6th, and Wilkinson.
Guaranteed original and authentic
1st Pattern FS Fighting Knife, by Wilkinson

Lovely Dagger and scabbard.

Scabbard is original, missing sewing tabs but otherwise great. Catch is perfect. Chape has scuffing and a couple of spots where the nickel is chipped, see pics or request more.

Dagger is lovely. 6 and 3/4" blade. Point is well shaped, looks unaltered.

Banners to both sides present and correct, some patination, no damage.

Hilt is perfect, nice and rough, not rubbed smooth.

Pommel nut is indented, scuffed but honest, nothing to be unhappy about.

A really lovely example.