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Burmese Dagger
Vintage Burmese Dagger

Stunning Burmese Dagger in brass.
Scabbard is brass overwood, dagger fits snugly.Dagger hilt also brass over wood.
Dancing girls etched to blade, awesome texture, like a metal file.
All very solid. Very pretty.

If over charged for postage, will refund the difference.
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British Pattern Band Sword C.1850 (Royal Marines?)
British Pattern Band Sword C.1850 (Royal Marines?)

Fairly rare, curved bladed band sword. No scabbard.
Light pitting with a good even patina running the length.
Marked to hilt 25.W 23 and on the other side, P.L. R.M.
Royal Marines I think. Very nice.
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Confederate Sword
Confederate States of America Sidearm

We believe that this is a German made sidearm, authentically stamped to the Confederacy. Made by Fischer.
Good condition, all solid and sharp. No scabbard.
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Mini Kaskara
Mahdist (Sudan) Kaskara Dagger/Short Sword

Exceptionally rare Sudanese short sword. Blade a whisker over 16inches and displaying a very unusual maker mark. (Research ongoing)
Sword is solid. Leather binding is perfect.
Some light pitting and rust.
I have handled dozens of kaskaras and this is the smallest that retains true crusader form.
The scabbard is great. All straps are intact and unbroken. Sword unusually fits all the way into the scabbard.
Guaranteed 19th century.
A lot of thought went into this dagger. Perhaps a warrior that preferred fighting 'old school' European style, with both a left hander and long sword.
Very very cool.
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Burmese Dha
Burmese? Dha Dagger

If quality is your interest look no further.
Very solid dagger. Blade 32cm. Handle 20cm.
The ivory has aged beautifully, and is finished nicely in patinated beaten silver.
The scabbard is silver over wood.
All firm, tight and solid.
The blade is thick and sturdy and still extremely sharp. I would guesstimate that this dates around 1850.
A really beautiful poece.
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Wilkinson Type D Survival Knife
Wilkinson Type D Survival Knife, 1950s-60

Lovely Wilkinson Type D. Razor sharp. No pitting, just some nice peppering. All stamps present and correct. 1B for Army and RAF small tools. WD stamp. Wilkinson maker mark.
Scabbard perfect. Great example.
A great knife for current utility - I have heard of these being used as wedges for splitting wood - or as a valued collector's item.
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US Navy Model M1841 Naval Cutlass
US Navy Model M1841 Naval Cutlass

An honest example, with cracking scabbard.
Some pitting, now stable.
Still very sharp.
Marked USN1845, MASS on obverse.
All totally solid and as should be.
Saw service throughout the Mexican and Civil Wars.
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British Cutlass Navy
British Officer's Presentation Navy Fighting Cutlass, C.1830

Ultra rare, if not unique, British Naval Officer Cutlass, Circa 1830, by Wilkinson.
Cast Iron grip.
Wilkinson's hexagonal proof slug denoting top of the range.
Straight, double edged, 29" blade. No dents or nicks, blade is dead straight, no damage at all.
Extremely detailed etching covering almost the whole blade. Blank name panel.
The point is well shaped, no metal missing from anywhere, sword has not been at all reduced
Original leather guard liner remains (mostly).
Cutlass has never been apart. It is extremely solid, no wiggles, rattles or damage at all.
34" overall.

The drawbacks...
It has aged considerably due to poor storage.
No active rust. no deep pitting at all - virtually no pitting at all.
The blade has over patinated rendering the etching faint. The leather guard liner has dried out causing loss, clearly shown in the pictures.

This sword is exceptionally rare, no one I have spoken to or corresponded with has ever seen another like it.
Officers did not typically, or rather officially, use cutlasses. This is a cutlass of superior construction and decoration, though totally utilitarian. One would not hesitate to swing it in a scrap. Unlike most cutlasses which are designed for predominately hacking with the lunge a secondary consideration, this cutlass has a thinner double edged and fullered blade, thought has gone into how to weight it, with the thrust in the forefront of mind.
Cutlasses were not typically etched, one does not see a cutlass with a brass proof slug, let alone Wilkinson's distinctive hexagonal which indicates their highest quality product.
I don't think that it ever had a scabbard.
A real collector's piece, either for Wilkinson interest, naval interest or purely historical, a piece from Britain's ascendancy to the World's first super power.
The sword is gripped like an 1845 cutlass, however has a king's crown in the Wilkinson crest, leading me to think this piece dates to just before Queen Victoria's reign.
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Matched Pair of Nepalese Kora
Matched Pair of Nepalese Kora

Gorgeous pair of Nepalese Kora dating from early 19th century.
All solid, no looseness. Minimal pitting and stable rust.
Comes with a Kukri - they have always been together so who am I to break up the lot!?

Incredibly rare to find such a stunning matched pair. Or any matched pair at all!
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French Imperial Grenadier Guard Short Sword, Napoleonic
French Imperial Grenadier Guard Short Sword, Napoleonic.

Exceedingly rare, hardly ever seen for sale, Imperial Guard Short Sword from the Versailles Armoury.
Four definite single letter inspection stamps. On the knucklebow a 'C'. On the blade an 'M' under a five pointed star and one other that could be a 'B'. (or not!) On the reverse side of the knucklebow it looks like another 'C' next to VERSAILLES. On the ferrule there are two possible stamps, one on each side, possibly an 'R' on one side and the other has faded to illegibility.
I had to clean the sword a little due to massive nicotine staining.
The blade is exceptionally sharp (period sharpening) and has no major nicks. Good patina, minimal pitting. The point looks to have been marginally modified (again, period) to give it more of a clipped effect. Blade is about 70cm long, total 84cm ish.
The leather to the grip is 100% intact, as is the wire.
Sadly no scabbard.
100% guaranteed original.
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