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British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer Sword
British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer Sword

Very nice infantry sword, George V, Wilkinson, containing their Hexagonal proof disk which signifies that the sword is of their top quality. (Most expensive when originally sold)
Scabbard is without dents but has minor scuffs - similarly the blade: no rust or damage, just a few spots.
The sword remains sharp enough for current army standards - easily.
Original purchaser is researchable and kindly, they did not have their name engraved, allowing a future Infantry officer to do so.
Army officers (or WAGS) - please feel free to call to discuss. (07500015444) Buying swords can be a mine field!
Suitable for most Infantry regiments and Corps.

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British Infantry Sword
British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer Sword

Parade Condition Sword, suitable for Infantry, Engineers, Signals, Logistics, REME, Royal Marines, Medical, Army Air Corps, Royal Tank Regiment, Paras, AGC, Royal Military Police. ETC - If in doubt, ask!

Gorgeous cut steel guard, extremely hard wearing. The guard is flawless and retains a very high polish finish, The grip retains all of its original sharkskin and tight wiring, great cross hatched backstrap.

The blade is plain other than a crown inspection stamp and a number to the spine. The blade is slightly curved which is very unusual, suggesting the intention of use from horseback. The scabbard is curved to match and has taken on an aged patina. It is flawless, as are the linings. The sword remains snug even when inverted. Nice.

The lack of markings on the blade suggests that it once belonged to a non-com, but it is of unusually high quality. It is really a top bit of steel of equal interest to collectors and serving army officers. The marginal curve in the blade does not preclude this sword from army use. In fact, it will make you the envy of any of your brother officers unlucky enough to compare this antique sword with a Pooley or similar.
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