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1855 Lancaster Sword Bayonet
British Pattern 1855 Lancaster Sword Bayonet, Sappers and Miners

Solingen made, between 1858 and 1870 by F Horster. (In 1870 they merged and changed logo.)
Solingen inspection stamps, also one Birmingham.
Spring works perfectly.
Blade exceptionally clean and very straight, though it may have had a kink/twist at some point in the most unlikely of directions. A colleague suggested repaired explosion damage. It looks perfect other than from directly above. 23.5".
Other markings include what looks like "4 1 S (or possibly £ rather than S) on pommel.
On sharp edge at ricasso there appears roman numeral XIII then a 3 over 8. Quite odd.
Pictures form a decent description.
Confederate Sword
Confederate States of America Sidearm

We believe that this is a German made sidearm, authentically stamped to the Confederacy. Made by Fischer.
Good condition, all solid and sharp. No scabbard.
British Cavalry Lance
Transitional Lance, predating Pattern 1869 by 1 Year.

Lance with an 1869 Pattern Tip but an unusual shoe, dated 1868.
Possibly an unofficial experimental pattern; possibly official.
Original haft and leather sleeve.
All in good order. Very solid.
(Postage to mainland UK is £20. Internationally it is the buyers responsibility, though I will wrap it and facilitate collection.)
Wilkinson Type D Survival Knife
Wilkinson Type D Survival Knife, 1950s-60

Lovely Wilkinson Type D. Razor sharp. No pitting, just some nice peppering. All stamps present and correct. 1B for Army and RAF small tools. WD stamp. Wilkinson maker mark.
Scabbard perfect. Great example.
A great knife for current utility - I have heard of these being used as wedges for splitting wood - or as a valued collector's item.
1900 Naval Cutlass British
British Naval Cutlass Pattern 1900

Lovely Naval Cutlass made at Enfield, marked with the Navy 'N', first date stamp being '00'
Totally solid with minty grips, chip free blade and remarkably a scabbard in tip top condition.
Marked twice with Crown over 30 over E, including into the leather of the grip.
Some peppering patina but no live rust or pitting to speak off.
Blade is straight and clean, the point has its original shape, no metal missing.
Original leather washer. Never been apart.
As good an example as one could hope for. Seriously solid and satisfying in the hand.
British Pattern 1796 Light Cav Trooper Sabre
British Pattern 1796 Light Cav Trooper Sabre by Dawes of Birmingham

Seriously heavy sword, blade in great condition, other than the grip which is worn through in patches; blade peppered but not pitted. Scabbard is pitted but very heavy and solid, no holes or weakness, throat is present. Blade is straight and solid, point is great and of good thickness along whole length.
Marked Dawes of Birmingham to spine, King's crown and 11 on the blade.
Traces of original scabbard paint - an odd colour but certainly original. Original leather washer also present.
3rd Pattern Wilkinson FS Commando Knife, George 6th
3rd Pattern Wilkinson FS Commando Knife, George 6th

Lovely knife in great condition. High polish, correct length. Black ribbed grip. Superior etching to the late George 6th, and Wilkinson.
Guaranteed original and authentic
British Pattern 1821 Infantry Officer Sword, picket weight
British Pattern 1821 Infantry Officer Sword, picket weight

Lovely little sword by Buckmaster. As is typical with Buckmaster, vastly superior etching.
Folding guard works crisply.
Scabbard is fantastic, sword secure.
Could have a Rifles connection, looks like an early hunting horn etched, see pictures.
Victorian. Blade very nice, slightly curved, no rust or pitting, just some light peppering.
Grip skin and wire perfect, superior backstrap and fittings.
British Pattern 1908 Cavalry Trooper Sword, Wilkinson
British Pattern 1908 Cavalry Trooper Sword, Wilkinson

Huge and solid, wooden chequered grip, Wilkinson 1908. Heavier than typical, no faults at all, just some wear. Dated WW1, please see the pictures. A great example with an unusual style grip.
British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer Sword
British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer Sword

Very nice infantry sword, George V, Wilkinson, containing their Hexagonal proof disk which signifies that the sword is of their top quality. (Most expensive when originally sold)
Scabbard is without dents but has minor scuffs - similarly the blade: no rust or damage, just a few spots.
The sword remains sharp enough for current army standards - easily.
Original purchaser is researchable and kindly, they did not have their name engraved, allowing a future Infantry officer to do so.
Army officers (or WAGS) - please feel free to call to discuss. (07500015444) Buying swords can be a mine field!
Suitable for most Infantry regiments and Corps.